Spring River Warm Water - Large Chinese Landscape Painting

Approximate Measurements

Artwork Panel: 98.8cm x 53.1cm  ≈  38¾" x 21"

Silk/Brocade Border: 118.9cm x 63.3cm  ≈  46¾" x 25"


Spring River Warm Water Landscape

This is an awesome painting that features karst mountains with riverside village homes and boats sailing across.

The Chinese title is "Chūn Jiāng Shuǐ Nuǎn".

To break it down:
Chūn = springtime
Jiāng = river
Shuǐ = water
Nuǎn = warm

This could be translated into English as...
"Springtime at the River brings Warm Water".

Depicts 桃源 (táo yuán), a mythical place in China. There is also some dispute as to whether this place existed, and where it was located.


When you search the internet for Taoyuan, many guesses and scenes come up for this mythical place including this one.

About the Artist

The artwork is signed 江舟 (Jiang Zhou) 2012, which is the artist's pen name. His real name is 宋平 (Song Ping). I don't have a lot of information about the artist, as I only met him in passing - I think I was in Guilin at the time, which is probably why the subject looks so much like the Li River of Guilin.

About this Artwork

Although this will not be cheap to frame when you receive it (because of the large size). I will certainly bring strong character to the room you hang it in.

This is painted on special xuan paper (rice paper) then mounted with white silk matting/border.

Please note: This painting includes a silk border similar to what is shown above, but not a frame.
I recommend professional framing and matting for the best presentation of this work.