Cranes and Boat at the River Bank - Chinese Landscape Artwork

Approximate Measurements

Artwork Panel: 26cm x 32.8cm  ≈  10¼" x 13"

Silk/Brocade Border: 36cm x 42.8cm  ≈  14¼" x 16¾"

Cranes at River's Edge

A nice simple painting that depicts a lush area by the edge of the river with a few cranes and a tied up boat waiting for the next journey. This scene is repeated time and again in southern China.

About the artist and artwork

This was painted by 李染 (Li Ran), who lives near Chengdu in Sichuan province. He specializes in landscapes, especially scenes of Suzhou.

This is painted on xuan paper (rice paper). It's mounted with a silk matting/border so you'll receive it in ready-to-frame condition. Painted with special Chinese black ink and water color.