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Meeting of the Minds
Ancient Style Painting

Meeting of the Minds - Ancient Style Painting
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Approximate Measurements

Artwork Panel: 97.7cm x 53cm  ≈  38½" x 20¾"

Silk/Brocade Border: 117.7cm x 63cm  ≈  46¼" x 24¾"

Information about how this Asian painting is mounted

Meeting of the Minds

This large painting depicts men of simple appearance, but of great wisdom sharing tea and philosophy.

The title of this roughly translates as "Men of Noble Character" or "Eminent Scholars". These men appear simple, and do not need fancy clothes. They have dispensed with desire for material things, and focus their lives on sharing time and wisdom with others. After the title, the rest of the Chinese characters indicate the year painted (2008) and the artist's signature.

About the artist...

The artist's name is ?? (Liang Dao) who lives in a village outside Guilin city in the Guangxi Province of Southern China. He specializes in artwork featuring traditional scenes of ancient life in China.

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Jan 13th, 2012

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Typical Gallery Price: $200.00

Your Price: $88.88