Trending Japanese Art Wall Design Ideas

Cultural and historical influences of Japanese art still prevail in 2022

Japanese Cat

When it comes to interior design, a range of options and ideas are available to you. It is incredibly important that your business space looks the part, as you want your offices to appear professional to any potential new customers or clients. A well designed space can help maximize any future marketing investment by giving clients the confidence to partner with your business. As a result, the design of your space needs to be eye-catching as well as working alongside your company’s brand guidelines and marketing campaigns.

This is why Japanese art wall designs are an excellent idea. They are unique, trendy, eye-catching and evoke a sense of peaceful simplicity. This will help consumers associate a sense of relaxation and ease with your brand name, allowing them to be more comfortable, potentially leading to more leads. After all, in 2022, people prefer to deal with brands that feel more personable, rather than more formal ones.

In this article, we will provide you with some trending Japanese art wall design ideas for marketing purposes in 2022. Let’s dive in.

Incorporate Elements of Bamboo or Wood

Japanese culture is well-known for incorporating natural elements into interior designs. In particular, bamboo is used a lot because it is widely available and is a substantial part of their culture. As a result, Japanese walls are often made or decorated with bamboo, which helps to give off a serene, restrained look. You can use this natural wooden look on the walls of your business.

It is important to note that you are not restricted to bamboo, and we understand that this may not be easy to acquire. Instead, you can choose other wood alternatives, like birch and white oak. Birch and white oak's palettes closely resemble that of bamboo, helping you to create a more neutral tone if used. You can even mix up these different woods when putting decorations such as wall signs into your space, while still retaining the Japanese natural look.

Bring the Outside World Inside To Capture Nature

Incorporating floor-to-ceiling windows into your walls and having them face a garden or a green space is a great way to make your business feel more natural and peaceful. This will ensure that the outside world can transition into your indoor space, making your offices feel less sterile and clinical.

You can take this a step further by integrating sliding doors into your wall designs and adding wooden floors. This will allow you to capture more of a sense of nature into the texture of your space. You can even add Japanese plants to the garden, like Bonsai trees, for an added feel of serenity.

Add Japanese Paintings Or Wallpapers To Your Walls

Japanese art and paintings are gorgeous, and it is not surprising that they are revered all around the world. Many of these paintings use minimalistic approaches and watercolours to depict vibrant seascapes, landscapes, and even mythological stories. If you are going for an authentic Japanese look to express a sense of serenity, you can choose paintings and wallpapers with more of a natural theme. For example, a simple painting depicting a bird on a branch or a full-fledged wallpaper of a sunset.

There are various interior design elements to consider, and deciding which one you should go for can be challenging. This is especially the case when a business is looking for wall signs ideas. A well designed, peaceful space can help from a marketing perspective, as potential new clients need to see that your office looks the part of a professional business. This is where Japanese art can be an excellent idea, as adding these natural elements can instil a sense of relaxation and peace into your area. Additionally, you could blend the outside world with the interior by adding floor-to-ceiling windows to your walls alongside Japanese plants.

We hope this article proves insightful and has given you inspiration for your wall design ideas. Thank you for reading!