Privacy Policy

Updated April 16th, 2018

Commitment To Privacy Summary:

Oriental Outpost won't share, sell, or give your information to anyone else.

The Information Collected:

For order processing, your name, email address, phone number, and billing address will be collected.
If the order will be shipped to an address other than the credit card billing address, a shipping address will also be collected.

How this Information is Used:

I like my privacy and I respect yours.
Your information will not be sold or given to any third party with the exception of address verification and processing of your credit card payment which is all done via secure connection.
Your telephone number is only collected for credit card verification purposes (same as billing address). For international or Express Mail shipments, your telephone number may be included on the label per postal regulations. I have never called a customer except at their request. I make no sales calls whatsoever.
About once per year, I send an email with special offers and to remind you that Oriental Outpost exists.

My Commitment To Data Security:

I hold military certificates for Systems Administration (SysAdmin), Linux/Unix Security, System Security, and Cyber Law. This training proves I am serious about securing my server. I am the owner of Oriental Outpost, and also personally manage the server and write the code for this website.

All transactions use SSL 2048-bit encryption to virtually guarantee that no "prying eyes" can ever see your information.

Your credit card number is further encrypted in such as way that even I can not access that data which is already protected by SSL (thus, if my office was ever compromised, and someone held me at gun point, I still would not be able to give anyone your credit card number).

My Commitment To Children's Privacy:

I don't have products that are marketed to Children. But by law I have to address the fact that I do not purposely collect any data from Children and therefore do not disseminate such information.

How To Access Or Correct Your Information:

If, after placing an order, you feel that you have given incorrect information, or need to make a change in the information, please contact me at once.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Per GDPR, EU citizens have the right to review, adjust, erase, and restrict the processing of their data.

Please contact me if you wish to review any data (which will only include your name, address, phone number, and sales records) that is contained on the Oriental Outpost secure database.
At your request, this data can be altered or permanently erased.

How To Contact Me:

All emails are answered by the boss. You can reach him here: