Taekwondo Wall Scroll in Hangul

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List of Korean Hanja or Hangul Calligraphy

If you've ever wanted a custom old Korean Hanja or modern Korean Hangul wall scroll, this is the place...

Because of the strong historical relationship between the Chinese and Korean languages, a lot of our Chinese calligraphy phrases are also native Korean words. In fact, for 1600 years, the standard written form of Korean was Chinese characters (known as Hanja).

All of the titles on the list below are valid in Korean Hanja. However, I also have one calligrapher who writes in Hangul if you need modern Korean characters. Here's the special instructions to order in Hangul (it's kind of a secret)...

Step One

First, instead of the "Customize & Buy" button, click on the Hangul characters next to the South Korean flag on any of my calligraphy entries.

1st step of ordering Hangul calligraphy

Note: If there is no Korean flag, it means a native Korean translator has not confirmed that it is a valid word in Korean.

Step Two

2nd step - Customizing Hangul calligraphy

Master Calligrapher Cao Bin will be automatically selected on the next page.

From here, you can customize your calligraphy artwork in many ways.

But don't change the calligrapher or style (if you do, it won't be written in Hangul).

Can't find the word you want? - Just contact me if you want yours added!

There are 1304 Korean terms listed below - hopefully one of them is the one you want...

1. Right Understanding / Right Perspective / Right View / Perfect View 17 Seventeen 2. Right Resolve / Right Thought / Right Intention / Perfect Resolve 3. Right Speech / Right Talk / Perfect Speech 4. Right Action / Perfect Conduct 5. Right Living / Right Livelihood / Perfect Livelihood 6. Right Effort / Right Endeavor / Perfect Effort 7. Right Mindfulness / Right Memory / Perfect Mindfulness 8. Right Concentration / Perfect Concentration
A Bright Future A Deliberate Inaction is Better than a Blind Action A Traditional Warm Welcome Abundance / Prosperous Abundance and Prosperity Acceptance Acceptance / Tolerate Accountant / CPA Ace / One Achieve Inner Peace; Find Deep Understanding Achievement Achievement / Accomplishment Active Duty Active Duty Military Acupuncture and Moxibustion Adamantine / King Kong Adoring Love Adventure Aikido Air / Atmosphere Air Force All Hopes Fulfilled Almighty / Omnipotent Always with a Book in Hand Ambition Amitabha Buddha An Open Book Benefits Your Mind Anarchy Angel / Messenger of Heaven Animal Kingdom Animals Antiwar / Anti-War Anton Apollo Appreciation of Truth by Meditation April Aquarius Zodiac Symbol / Sign Arata / Leather Archangel / Arch Angel Archer Architect Ardent / Fierce Ark Armor Army / Military Art Art of Healing Art of War Art of War: 5 Points of Analysis Ascend Ash Asian Pride / Oriental Pride / AZN Pryde Aspire / Burning Desire Assassin Athlete August Aung Autumn / Fall Season Avatar Awareness
Bad Experience, Caution Lingers Badger Balance / Equilibrium Balance / Peace Bamboo Banzai Banzai / Wansui Basketball Bat Bea Bear Beast / Animal Beau Beautician / Hairdresser Beautiful Beautiful Sight Beautiful Virtue Beauty / Beautiful / Handsome Beauty / Beautiful Princess Beauty: The art of makeup / cosmetics Beekeeping / Apiculture Belief / Trust Believe Believe / Faith / Trust Believer Ben Benevolence Berry Best Best Friends / Buddies Better Late Than Never Better to be Happy than Rich Better to sacrifice your life than your principles Beyond / Exceed / Surpass Big Dream / Great Hope Big Wave Birch Bird Birth / Life Birth Old-Age Sickness Death Black Black Belt Black Eagle / Condor Black Raven Blessings and Good Wishes Blood Bloodless Victory Blue / Indigo Boar / Pig Bodhi - Awakening Enlightenment Bodhisattva Body Body / Karada Body and Earth in Unity Bon Voyage Bond Bones Bonsai / Penzai Book Boxing Brahmavihara - The Four Immeasurables Brave Warrior Bravery / Courage Breathe Bright Pearl Broken Hearted Brothers Brown Bruce Lee Buddha / Buddhism Buddha Way Buddhism Buddhism / Buddha Buddhist Monk Bushido / The Way of the Samurai Butt Butterfly
Calm / Cool Calm / Cool-Headed Calm / Tranquility Calm and Collected Cancer Zodiac Symbol / Sign Cao / Kusa / Grass Capricorn Zodiac Symbol / Sign Caring Cassia Cat / Pussycat Cen / Shum Ch'ang Hon Taekwondo Chan Change Chaos Chaos / Anarchy / Confusion / Mayhem Charisma / Charm Charity Chastity Chastity / Pure Heart Chen / Chan / Yo / Jin Cherry Blossom / Sakura Chess Child China Chinese or Korean Army General Choi / Cui Choice / Choose / Select Chong / Sung / Su Chou Chow / Zhou Christ Christian Friend Christianity / Christian Christmas Chrysanthemum Chu Chuan Chung Do Kwan Clarity Clever Clever / Superb / Wonderful Cloud Cold Collaboration / Cooperation / Synergy Commitment Compassion Concentration Confidence / Faithful Heart Confucius Confucius: Golden Rule / Ethic of Reciprocity Conquer / Conquest Conqueror Consciousness of Self Construction Crane Control of Power Cooperation Cooperation / Collaboration Correct and Proper Courtesy / Etiquette Courtesy / Politeness Crane Crazy / Mad / Wild Create / Creation Creative / Creativity Creativity Cris Crisis equals Danger plus Opportunity? Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Crystal Cunning / Sly / Sneaky Cure Curious / Inquisitive
Dana: Almsgiving and Generosity Dance Dance / Dancing Danger Daoism / Taoism Darkness Dawn / Early Morning / Twilight Day December Dedication Dee Deer Defense / Defend Deities / Gods Demon Deng Dependable Desire Desire / Craving Desire / Longing / Craving Destiny / Fate Destiny Determined by Heaven Determination Determination to Achieve / Will-Power Devotion / Dedication / Attentive / Focused Devotion / Diligence / Vigorous / Energetic Devotion / Enthusiasm Devotion to your Profession / Career Dew Dharma / Buddhist Doctrine Dharma / The Law Dharma Gate Diamond Dignity / Honor / Sanctity / Integrity Diligence Ding / Cho Dinosaur Discipline Diversity Doctor Dog Dojo / Martial Arts Studio Double Happiness Guest Book Dove / Pigeon Dragon Dragon / Emperor Symbol Dragon Spirit Dream / Dreams Dream / Vision Dreamer Drink Drink Up! / Cheers! Drinking the water of a well: One should never forget who dug it Drunken Fist Duty / Responsibility / Obligation Dynamic Dynamic Energy / Enthusiasm Dynasty
Each Time You Stumble and Fall, You Gain Experience and Wisdom Eagle / Falcon / Hawk Earth East Easter Eastern Europe Easy-Going Eight Eighteen / 18 Electricity / Lightning Elegant / Exquisite / Grace Elephant Empathy / Humanity Emperor Emperor of Japan Empire Empress Encourage Endless / Without Limit Endurance England Enigma / Puzzle / Riddle Enlightenment Enlisted Sailor Enthusiasm Enthusiasm / Passion for a Cause Enthusiasm / Warm-Hearted Equality Essence Eternal / Long-Lasting Eternal Life / Everlasting Life / Immortality Eternal Life / Future Life Eternal Wheel of Life Eternity / Always and Forever Eternity / Forever Ethics / Ethical / Morality Everyday Life Evolution Excellence Excellence / Outstanding Exercise Extreme / Intense Eyeballs / Eyes
Facing the Wall Nine Years Failure is the Mother of Success Fair / Impartial Fairy / Nymph Fairy / Sprite Faith / Trusting in the Unseen Faithful / Honorable / Trustworthy / Fidelity / Loyalty Faithfulness Falcon Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight Family / Home Family / Household Family / Members of a Family Family Love Fan / Han Fantasy / Illusion Far-Reaching / Ambitious Far-Sighted in Deep Thought Fast Fate / Opportunity / Chance Father and Daughter Fatherly Master / Sifu / Shi Fu / Shifu Fear No Man / Fear Nothing February Feng Shui Fertility Fierce Fierce Tiger Fight / Beat Someone Fight for a Goal Fighter Fighter / Champion Filial Piety Filial Piety / Filial Conduct Fire Firefly / Glow Worm First Born Daughter First Born Son First Turn of the Dharma Wheel Fish Fishing Fist Five Five Codes of Tang Soo Do Five Elements Five Elements Tai Chi Fist Five Precepts Flexibility Flower Flowers / Blooming / Splendid / China Flying / Flight Flying Dragon Flying Squirrel Flying Tigers Flying Tigers AVG Fong / Fang Food Foresight Forest Forgive Forgiveness Forgiveness (from the top down) Four Noble Truths (Buddhism) Four Noble Truths: Desire and Attachment Four Noble Truths: Elimination of Desire or Attachment Four Noble Truths: Path Leading Away From Suffering Four Noble Truths: Suffering Fox Fragrant / Good Smell Free Spirit Free Will Freedom / Liberty Friend / Friendship Friendliness Friendship Frightful Demon / Asura Frog From This Moment Forward / From This Day Forward Frugal Fujin
Garden / Orchard / Park Gassho Gate Gea Geisha of Unequaled Talent Gem Generosity Gentleness Ghost / Apparition / Phantom Ghost / Soul / Spirit Ghost Demon Giant Ginger Giri Glory and Honor Goat / Sheep God Bless You / May God Protect You God in the Glorious Center of Heaven God is my Judge God of Zion / God of Abraham Goddess Goddess of Mercy and Compassion Gold / Metal Good Conduct Good Health Good Health / Healthy / Vigor Good Heart Good Intentions Good Intentions / Good Will / Good Faith Good Luck Good Luck / Good Fortune Goodness / Good Deed Goodness / Kind-Hearted Grace Grace / Favor Grand Master / Great Teacher Grandfather Gratitude / Thanks Gray Color Great Ambitions Great Endeavor / To Strive Great Expectations Great Lord / Tycoon Great Sea Great Wisdom Green Green Dragon / Blue Dragon Growing Old Together Guan / Kwan / Seki Guanxi Guard Guide / Help / Cooperate Gunn Guo Gutsy / Daring / Bold Gyaku
Haidong Gumdo Hanawa Hao Hapkido Happiness Happiness / Contentment Happiness / Fortune / Lucky Happiness / Joy Happiness / Joyful / Joy Happiness in the Afterlife Happy Happy / Laughter / Cheerful Bliss Hard Work Harmony / Balance Havoc Hazel Tree Healing Hands Healthy Living Heart / Mind / Spirit Heart and Soul Heart of Judo Heaven Heaven and Earth Heaven Blesses the Diligent Heavenly / Celestial Hedgehog Heijoshin / Presence of Mind Hell Hella Hero Heroic Spirit / Heroism Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger Hide / Shelter / Shield High Mountain Long River Highest Quality / Top Notch Hikari Hiro Hitori Holding Flowers with Subtle Smile Holy Bible Holy Land Holy Man / Saint Holy Mother / Saint Mary Holy Spirit / Holy Ghost Home is where the heart is Home of the Auspicious Golden Dragon Home of the Black Dragon Home of the Dragon Homosexual / Gay Honest / Straightforward Honesty Honesty / Fidelity Honey / Nectar Honor Hope Horizontal Horse Hot / Heat House of Good Fortune Human Nature Human Race / Humanity / Mankind Humble / Modest Humble / Modesty / Humility Humility / Being Humble Hurricane / Typhoon Hurt Husband and Wife Hyo-Jung
Ice / Frost Ichi-Dan / First Degree Idea / Concept Idea / Thought Idea / Thought / Meaning Illusion Imagination Imagine / Imagination Immeasurable / Unlimited Immortal Immortal / Immortality Immovable Mind Impartial and Fair to the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the World Impermanence In Good Order In Good Order / Organized In Wine there is Truth Independence Indomitable / Persistence / Fortitude Indomitable Spirit Inevitable Infinity / Infinite / Endless / Boundless Infinity / Infinite / Unlimited / Unbounded Inhale Initiative / Leadership Initiative / Proactive / Positive Inner Bliss and Peace from Meditation Inner Peace Inner Peace / Silence / Serenity Inner Strength Inner Strength / Self-Improvement Innovation Inspiration Integrity Intelligence / Information-Gathering Intelligence / Intellect Intense / Serious / Deep / Profound Intensity Introspection / Self-Awareness Iron Fist Iron Palm Islam Island Ivory / Tooth Iwa
Jade January Japan Japanese Snapping Turtle / Chinese Soft Shell Turtle Jing Mo / Jing Wu Journey / Travel Joy Joyful Joyfulness / Happiness Judge Judo Jujitsu / Jujutsu July June Jung Sim Do Jupiter Justice / Rectitude / Right Decision Justice / Righteousness
Kaeli Kai Kai Zen / Kaizen Kanbukan Kane Kansei Engineering / Sense Engineering Karate Karate-Do Karma Karma - Cause and Effect Karma (of your past lives) Kata Katana Kawa Kendo / The Way of the Sword Kenjutsu / Kenjitsu Kenpo / Kempo / Quan Fa / Chuan Fa Kensho - Initial Enlightenment Khan Khánh Kill / Massacre / Mass Killing Kill / Slaughter / Murder / Butcher Kindheartedness / Benevolence / Humanity Kindness / Benevolence Kindness / Caring Kindness and Forgiving Nature King Kingdom of Heaven Kirin / Giraffe / Mythical Creature Kiss Knight Koi Fish Korean CKD Virtues Kowtow - The deepest bow Kun Kung / Gong Kung / Gong / Mitsugi Kyuki-Do
Lai Lake Lamp / Lantern Lao Tzu / Laozi Large River Laugh / Smile Laughing Dragon Kung Fu Leadership Leadership / Ability to Lead Lean Learn from Wisdom Learn New Ways From Old / Onkochishin Learning is Eternal Lee / Plum Legendary Phoenix Legendary Turtle Lei Leigh Leo Zodiac Symbol / Sign Leopard / Panther / Jaguar Libra Zodiac Symbol / Sign Life Energy / Spiritual Energy Life Force Life of Love Light / Bright Light / Bright / Shine Light / Bright and Promising Future Lion Lion Judo Listen Listen to Both Sides and be Enlightened, Listen to One Side and be in the Dark Listen to Your Heart / Follow Your Heart Little Dragon Live For The Day Live in Peace and Contentment Live In The Moment / Live In The Now Live Love Die Living / Live Life Lonely Lonely Soul / Lost Soul Longevity / Long Life Lost / Dazed and Confused Lotus Love Love and Affection Love and Devotion Love and Hate Love and Respect Love and Respect / Kindness and Respect Love for Humanity / Brotherly Love Love Life Lover / Beloved Lover / Spouse / Sweetheart Loving Father Loving Mother Loyalty Loyalty / Devotion Loyalty / Faithful / Devoted Loyalty to Duty or Master Lucky / Auspicious Lucky / Auspicious / Good Omen Luo Luo / Raku Lust / Desire / Passion
Mae Magic Maintain An Army For 1000 Days, Use It For An Hour Make Guests Feel at Home Mama / Mother / Mommy Man of Character Mandala / Altar Mantis / Praying Mantis Mantra to Buddha / Nembutsu Maple Marijuana / Weed / Pot Marine / Soldier of the Sea Marine Corps Mark the boat to find the lost sword / Ignoring the changing circumstances of the world Martial Arts Martial Arts / Budo Martial Arts / Wushu Martial Arts Master Martial Arts Skills Martial Morality / Martial Arts Ethics / Virtue Massage Master / Skilled Worker Masterpiece / Excellent / Outstanding May Meditation Melancholy / Sorrow Melody / Song Mercury Mercy / Compassion / Buddhist Loving Kindness Mercy / Compassion / Love Mermaid Mermaid / Merman Mi Guk Kwan Midori Mighty / Powerful / Strong Military Discipline Military Engineering Military Intelligence Milky Way Galaxy Mind Body Spirit Mindfulness Ministry / Priesthood Miracle Mirror Mirror: Beautiful Clarity Misery Loves Company Mistress / Concubine / Servant Misty / Cloudy Sky Misty / Foggy Moderation / Temperance Modesty Money Money / Wealth Monkey Monkey / Ape Monkey Fist Month of March Moon Moonlight Moral and Virtuous Morning Sun Mother Mother and Daughter Mother and Son Mother Nature Motivation Mountain Mountain Villa Music Musician Mutual Benefit Mutual Respect My True Love Mysterious Mysterious / Mystery
Namo Amitabha Buddha Namo Shakyamuni Buddha Nan / South Nashi Nature Navy Neng Never Give Up New Life Nguyen / Ruan Night / Evening Nine Ninja Nirvana No Fear No Limitations No Mercy No Mind / Mushin No Trouble / Freedom from Problems No Worries Nobleman Non-Violence Northern Praying Mantis Not Only Can Water Float A Boat, It Can Sink It Also Nothing / Nothingness Nothing is Impossible with Persistence Nothingness Nothingness / Empty / Void November Nurse
Ocean Ocean / Sea October Offering / Puja Okami Hapkido Om Mani Padme Hum Once in a Lifetime One One Family Under Heaven One Good Deed Each Day One Heart / One Mind / Heart and Soul One Justice Can Overpower 100 Evils One Mind / Unity Oneness / Unity Oneness of Heaven and Humanity Open Door Opening / Blooming Flowers Opera Opportunity Opportunity / Good Luck Optimistic Orange Orchid Outgoing / Extroverted Overcome Overcome / Surpass / Rise Above Overcome the Devil Owl Ox / Bull / Cow
Pain Painless Partnership: Marriage Passion for a Cause Passionate Love / Ardent Love and Devotion Passions / Feelings / Emotions Patience / Perseverance Patience / Perseverance / To Endure / Tolerant Patriot Peace / Harmony Peace / Peaceful Peace and Good Health Peace and Love Peace and Tranquility Peace of Mind Peaceful / Tranquil / Calm / Free From Worry Peaceful Heart Peaceful Heart / Peace of Mind / Calm Mind Peacefulness / Tranquility / Perfectly Quiet Peach / Peaches Peacock Peng Penis People’s Livelihood and Welfare Perception Perception of Knowledge Perfection Perseverance Perseverance / Fortitude Perseverance / Will-Power Persimmon Persistence Person of Character Personal Integrity Phenomenon Phoenix (female) Phoenix (male) Physical Strength Pigeon / Turtle-Dove Pine Pine Forest / Matsubayashi Pirate Pleasant Feeling Pleasure Pluto Police Police / Public Security Bureau Potential / Momentum Power / Strength Power of Oneself / Self-Sufficient Power of Understanding and Wisdom Practice / Train / Drill Prayer / Praying Precious / Treasure Preparation Yields No Fear or Worries Pride Prideful Mind / Self-Respecting Heart Prince Princess Principles of Life Prosperity Prosperity and Happiness Prosperous Business Protection Protector Prudence / Considerate Psalms Psychic Energy Pug / Pekingese Pure Heart Pure Land / Jodo Pure Land Buddhism / Jodo Buddhism Purity Purple / Violet Purpose / Aim / Goal Push or Knock Put out a burning wood cart with a cup of water
Qi Gong / Chi Kung Qian Qin / Chin Qin / Chin / Tan / Yasushi Queen Queen / Empress
Rabbit / Hare Radiance Radiance / Rays of Light Rage / Frenzy / Berserk Rage / Fury Rai / Rei Rain Rainbow Rank Holder Rat / Mouse Raven / Crow Re-Birth / Renaissance Reach Peace and Calm Through Meditation Read Read / Study Realization and Knowledge Rebel / Insurgent Red Color Redemption / Atonement Reflect Rehabilitation / Rebirth Reiki Reiki - Master Symbol Reincarnation (Buddhism) Release / Let Go Relentless / Ruthless Relentless / Stubborn Religious Devotion / Faith in God / Religious Faith Remember Renegade / Traitor / Rebel Repel Evil / Expel the Devil Resilience / Flexibility Respect Respect / Honor / Esteem Respectful Heart Responsibility Resurrection / Re-Birth Retro / Old School Revenge Rise and Fall / Ups and Downs Ritsu River Roar of Laughter / Big Laughs Robust / Sturdy Romantic Passion Ronin / Masterless Samurai Rooster / Chicken Rose Rose Flower
Sacred Fire Sacrifice Sacrifice / Devotion / Dedication Sadness / Sorrow Safe / Secure Safe and Sound Sagittarius Zodiac Symbol / Sign Salvation / Save / Rescue Samadhi Same / Similar / Alike Samsara / Endless Cycle of Rebirth Samurai Sanchi / Yamaji Sand Sand / Gravel Sangha Sangha / Order of Monks Satori / Enlightenment Saturn Savannah / Grasslands Savior / Messiah Scarlet / Red / Crimson Scholar / Confucian Science Scops Owl / Black Kite Scorpio Zodiac Symbol / Sign Scorpion Sea Turtle Seafarer / Sailor Secret Seeing is Believing Seeing one’s Nature and becoming a Buddha Seek / Quest Seeking Truth Seichusen Seika / Quintessence Self Actualization Self Consciousness Self-Confidence Self-Control Self-Defense Self-Discipline / Will-Power Self-Improvement Self-Reliance Self-Respect / Self-Esteem Self-Restraint / Self-Control Selflessness Senpai / The Elder or Master Sense of Shame / Sense of Honor / Integrity / Modesty (Korean) Sensei / Master / Teacher / Mister September Serendipity Serenity / Tranquility Settai Seven Sexy / Voluptuous Shadow Shakyamuni / The Buddha Shang Shaolin Shaolin Chuan / Shao Lin Quan Shark Shea Shell Shen / Shum Shidai / Sida / Mahabhuta Shield Shihan Shit / Defecate / Excrement / Feces / Poop Shit / Manure / Dung / Feces / Excrement / Poop Shitsuke Shobo Shogun / Japanese General Shogyu Shotokan Shotokan Aikido Shotokan Karate-Do Shuang Shugyo Silence Silent / Solitary Silk Silk Cloth Silver Simplicity Simplicity / Modesty Simply the Best Sincere / True Sincerity Sincere Heart Sincerity and Devotion Sincerity and Faithfulness Sing / Singing Sisterhood / Association of Women Sisters Sit in Meditation Six Sky / Ether / Void / Emptiness / Unreality Sky / Void Sleep / Rest / Repose Small Forest Smoke Smooth and Steady Smooth Sailing Smriti Snake / Serpent Snow Soccer / Football / Futbol Soke / Shuke Soldier / Private Soldier / Serviceman Soldier of the Gods Soldiers Solution Songahm Taekwondo Sorry / Apologetic / Repent / Regret Soul / Spirit Soul Mates Soul of a Warrior Southern Praying Mantis Sparrow Speed Speed Control Spirit Spirit / Soul Spirit / Spiritual Essence Spirit of Taekwondo Spring Season Stability / Calm and Orderly / Equilibrium Stable - Mind at Peace Stamina / Tenacity Star State of Anarchy Steel Stone / Rock Storm Storm / Windstorm Strength / Ability Strength / Vigor / Energy Strength: Strong and Solid Strong / Healthy Strong / Powerful Strong / Powerful / Force Strong / Robust Strong and Beautiful Strong Hearted / Strong Willed Strong-Minded Woman Stronghold Student Study / Learn / School Success Summer Season Sumo Wrestler Sumptuous Debauchery Sun Sun / Solar Sun Tzu - Art of War Sunrise Sunshine Sunshine / Sunlight Super Superman Supernatural Energy Surgery Survival of the Fittest Survive Survivor Suzaku Swallow Swan / White Crane Sweet / Sweetness / Charm Swim / Swimming Sword Sworn Friend / Ally
Tactics of War Taekwondo Taekwondo Tenets / Spirit of Taekwon-do Tai Chi / Tai Ji Tai Chi Chuan / Tai Ji Quan Take Up a Challenge Tang Soo Do / Tang Hand Way Tang Soo Do Tenets Taoist / Daoist Tarzan Tathata / Ultimate Nature of All Things Tea Temperance Tempest / Storm Ten Tenacious / Tenacity Tenacity / Indomitable Tension and Relaxation Tetsu / Penetrating Tetsu / Wise Sage Thankfulness The Big Dipper / Ursa Major The Dao of Filial Piety The Eye of the Buddha The Five Animals The Five Tenets of Confucius The Four Seasons The Geisha’s World The Great Path has No Gate The Great Wall of China The Holy Trinity The Middle Way The Month of May The Mysterious Bond Between People The Noble Eightfold Path The Original Mind The Pain of Separation from Your Loves The Planet Mars The Planet Neptune The Saint The Sun, Moon, and Stars The Tao or Dao of Being Human / Humanity The Three Truths The Tree of Enlightenment / The Bodhi Tree The World Theory of Evolution Therapeutic Massage Thought / Thinking / Idea Three Three Kingdoms Three Treasures of Buddhism Thuan Thug Life Thunder Tian / Tien Tiara Tiger Tiger Rumor Time and Tide Wait for No Man To Be Free / Freedom To Come / To Arrive To Heal Tolerance Top Quality / First Class Tornado / Whirlwind Tough / Unbeatable Training / Drill Tran Treasure True / Real / Genuine True Love Trust / To Have Faith Truth Tuna Turtle Two
Ume Undaunted After Repeated Setbacks Uniform / Complete / Perfect / Order Unique Unite / Unity United States Marine Corps United States of America (USA) Unity / United / Solidarity / Cooperation Universe / Cosmos Universe / Space Unknown Unselfish: Perfectly Impartial Until We Meet Again Uranus Uzura / Quail
Vampire Venus / Gold Star Vermillion Vietnam Violet Violet Color Viper Virgo Zodiac Symbol / Sign Vitality Vitality / Virility Voice of Heaven / Voices from Heaven Volleyball
Wanderlust War Warrior Warrior Essence / Warrior Spirit / Martial Warrior of Heaven Warrior of the Heavenly Realm Warrior Soul / Heroic Spirit Water Water Polo Wave Wealth / Fortune / Riches / Abundance Wealth / Riches / Fortune Wedding Wedding / Getting Married Wellness West Western Europe When Three People Gather, One Becomes a Teacher Where There is a Will, There is a Way White White Tiger Whore / Mysterious Woman Wild Goose Wild Rose Will-Power / Self-Control Willow Win / Victory Wind Wind and Rain Wine Wine / Alcohol / Sake Wings Winter Season Wisdom Wisdom / Intelligence Wisdom comes from Experience Wise and Virtuous Wise Woman Wisteria Witch / Wizard / Shaman Wizard / Shaman / Oracle Wolf Wood Wood Horse Word of God / The Gospel Words and Deeds Work Unselfishly for the Common Good Worldwide Wish for Peace and Prosperity Wu Chi / Wuji Wu Ming / Anonymous
Xuan Xuan Wu / Genbu / Black Tortoise God
Yako / Minami Year-In Year-Out Have Abundance Yeh Yellow Yen Yin Yang Yoko / Brilliant / Glorious Younger Sister Yuan Fen
Zen / Chan / Meditation Zen Buddhism Zen Contemplation Zen Garden Zen Heart / Zen Mind Zen Understanding Zendo / The Zen Way Zenmai / Royal Fern Zero Zhang / Cheung Zhao Zheng / Tei / Jeong / Trinh