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Fudo Myo-o / Wisdom King

 bù dòng míng wáng
 fu dou myou ou
Fudo Myo-o / Wisdom King Scroll

不動明王 is the fierce form of the Buddha Vairocana, and the most important of the Myō-ō or Ming Wang class of deities.

Romanized as Fudō Myō-ō, in Japanese Buddhism or Bùdòng Míngwáng / Pu-Tung Ming-Wang in Chinese Buddhism,

Originally Acala/Achala (अचल “The Immovable”), Acalanātha (अचलनाथ “Immovable Lord”) or Āryācalanātha (आर्याचलनाथ, “Noble Immovable Lord”).

In English, this deity is sometimes called “Wisdom King.”

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Simple Dictionary Definition



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bù dòng míng wáng
    bu4 dong4 ming2 wang2
pu tung ming wang
 fudoumyouou / fudomyoo

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Fudo Myo-o / Wisdom King
{Buddh} Acala (Wisdom King); Acalanatha; Fudō Myōō (Myō-ō); fierce Buddhist deity; (place-name) Fudoumyouou
不動尊 Aryacalanatha 阿奢羅曩 tr. 不動尊 and 無動尊 and Acalaceta, 阿奢囉逝吒 tr. 不動使者. The mouthpiece or messenger, e. g. the Mercury, of the Buddhas; and the chief of the five Ming Wang. He is regarded as the third person in the Vairocana trinity. He has a fierce mien overawing all evil spirits. He is said to have attained to Buddhahood, but also still to retain his position with Vairocana. He has many descriptive titles, e. g. 無量力神通無動者; 不動忿怒王, etc. Five different verbal signs are given to him. He carries a sharp wisdom-sword, a noose, a thunder-bolt. The colour of his images is various—black, blue, purple. He has a youthful appearance; his hair falls over his left shoulder; he stands or sits on a rock; left eye closed; mouth shut, teeth gripping upper lip, wrinkled forehead, seven locks of hair, full-bodied, A second representation is with four faces and four arms, angry mien, protruding teeth, with fames around him. A third with necklaces. A fourth, red, seated on a rock, fames, trident, etc. There are other forms. He has fourteen distinguishing symbols, and many dharanis associated with the realm of fire, of saving those in distress, and of wisdom. He has two messengers 二童子 Kimkara 矜羯羅 and Cetaka 制吒迦, and, including these, a group of eight messengers 八大童子 each with image, symbol, word-sign, etc. Cf. 不動佛.



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bù dòng jiě tuō
    bu4 dong4 jie3 tuo1
pu tung chieh t`o
    pu tung chieh to
 fudō gedatsu

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Immovable Liberation
liberation from being disturbed (by the illusions of life).



see styles
bù dòng
    bu4 dong4
pu tung
 fudou / fudo
(adj-no,n) (1) immovable; motionless; firm; unwavering; unshakable; steadfast; (2) (abbreviation) {Buddh} (See 不動明王) Acala (Wisdom King); Fudō; fierce Buddhist deity; (place-name, surname) Fudou
acala; niścala; dhruva. The unmoved, immobile, or motionless; also 無動 the term is used for the unvarying or unchanging, for the pole-star, for fearlessness, for indifference to passion or temptation. It is a special term of Shingon 異言 applied to its most important Bodhisattva, the 不動明王 q. v.


see styles
bù tóng
    bu4 tong2
pu t`ung
    pu tung
 fudou / fudo
different; distinct; not the same; not alike
(adj-na,adj-no,n) difference; diversity; irregularity; disorder
not the same


see styles
bù dù
    bu4 du4
pu tu
does not save


see styles
(surname) Fudo


see styles
 fudou / fudo
(surname) Fudō


see styles
bù dào
    bu4 dao4
pu tao
 fudou; budou; butou / fudo; budo; buto
    ふどう; ぶどう; ぶとう
(noun or adjectival noun) (1) (archaism) (See 無道) inhuman; immoral; unreasonable; outrageous; wicked; (2) (archaism) (See 八虐) barbarity (one of the eight unpardonable crimes, incl. killing three people in one family, or dismembering a corpse)



see styles
fù dào
    fu4 dao4
fu tao
 fudou / fudo
woman's duties
path of virtuous behavior for a woman


see styles
gōng téng
    gong1 teng2
kung t`eng
    kung teng
 fudou / fudo
Kudō (Japanese surname)
(surname) Fudō


see styles
pǔ tóng
    pu3 tong2
p`u t`ung
    pu tung
all together



see styles
fú dòng
    fu2 dong4
fu tung
 fudou / fudo
to float and drift; unstable
(n,vs,vi,adj-no) floating


see styles
 fudou / fudo
(personal name) Fudou


see styles
 fudou / fudo
(given name) Fudou



see styles
fēng tǔ
    feng1 tu3
feng t`u
    feng tu
 fuudo / fudo
natural conditions and social customs of a place; local conditions
natural features; topography; climate; spiritual features; (surname) Fūdo


see styles
 fuudou / fudo
(given name) Fūdou



see styles
fēng dù
    feng1 du4
feng tu
 fuudo / fudo
elegance (for men); elegant demeanor; grace; poise
appearance and personality; manner; mien; air


see styles
 fuudo / fudo
(surname) Fūdo


see styles
 fuudou / fudo
(personal name) Fūdou


see styles
 fuudou / fudo
(personal name) Fūdō



see styles
bù dòng fó
    bu4 dong4 fo2
pu tung fo
 Fudō Butsu
不動如來; 阿閦鞞 or 阿閦婆, Akṣobhya, one of the 五智如來 Five Wisdom, or Dhyāni-Buddhas, viz., Vairocana, Akṣobhya, Ratnasambhava, Amitābha, and Amoghasiddhi. He is especially worshipped by the Shingon sect, as a disciple of Vairocana. As Amitābha is Buddha in the western heavens, so Akṣobhya is Buddha in the eastern heaven of Abhirati, the realm of joy, hence he is styled 善快 or 妙喜, also 無瞋恚 free from anger. His cult has existed since the Han dynasty, see the Akṣobhya-Tathāgatasya-vyūha. He is first mentioned in the prajnapāramitā sutra, then in the Lotus, where he is the first of the sixteen sons of Mahābhijñā-jñānabhibhu. His dhyāni-bodhisattva is Vajrapāṇi. His appearance is variously described, but he generally sits on a lotus, feet crossed, soles upward, left hand closed holding robe, right hand fingers extended touching ground calling it as color is pale gold, some say blue a vajra is before him. His esoteric word is Hum; his element the air, his human form Kanakamuni, v. 拘. Jap. Ashuku, Fudo, and Mudo; Tib. mi-bskyod-pa, mi-'khrugs-pa (mintug-pa); Mong. Ülü küdelükci. v. 不動明王.



see styles
bù dòng zhòu
    bu4 dong4 zhou4
pu tung chou
 fudō ju
不動慈救咒; 不動慈護咒; 不動陀羅尼; 不動使者祕密法; 不動使者陀羅尼祕密法. Prayers and spells associated with Akṣobhya-buddha 不動佛 and his messengers.



see styles
bù dòng dì
    bu4 dong4 di4
pu tung ti
 fudō ji
The eighth of the ten stages in a Buddha's advance to perfection.



see styles
bù dòng zūn
    bu4 dong4 zun1
pu tung tsun
 fudouson / fudoson
(honorific or respectful language) (See 不動明王) Acala (Wisdom King); Āryācalanātha; Fudō; fierce Buddhist deity; (place-name) Fudouson



see styles
bù dòng yè
    bu4 dong4 ye4
pu tung yeh
 fudō gō
non-propelling activity



see styles
bù dòng fǎ
    bu4 dong4 fa3
pu tung fa
 fudō hō
Prayer for the aid of 不動明王 to end calamity and cause prosperity.



see styles
bù dòng yì
    bu4 dong4 yi4
pu tung i
 fudō gi
Immobility, one of the ten meanings of the void.



see styles
bù dòng jiǎng
    bu4 dong4 jiang3
pu tung chiang
 fudō kō
An assembly for preaching and praising the virtues of 不動尊.


see styles
bù tóng fēn
    bu4 tong2 fen1
pu t`ung fen
    pu tung fen
 fudō bun
factors of dissimilarity


see styles
pǔ děng xīn
    pu3 deng3 xin1
p`u teng hsin
    pu teng hsin
 fudō shin
an impartial mind

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Fudo Myo-o
Wisdom King
fu dou myou ou
fu do myo o
bù dòng míng wáng
bu4 dong4 ming2 wang2
bu dong ming wang
pu tung ming wang
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Fudo Myo-o / Wisdom King Scroll
Fudo Myo-o / Wisdom King Scroll
Fudo Myo-o / Wisdom King Scroll

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Fudo Myo-o / Wisdom King Horizontal Wall Scroll
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